PVC Coating. Thickness 1.5 mm. Weight 1.900g/m2. Stabilised against UV rays, treated against fungi and moulds, lead and cadmium free.
Highly resistant to tractions and lacerations; easy to weld.
Roll length: 25m

  • UV ray stabilised.
  • Welds well.
  • Resistant to cold and atmospheric agent.
  • Heavy metal free and physiologicals compliant with standard EN 71 / 3.
  • Complete with anti-microbials.
  • Resistant to all chemical substances generally used for swimming pool water treatment (according to the chemical instructions), at a maximum water temperature of 30 degrees.
  • It is not resistant to tar, bitumen, oil, fuel and other solvents.
  • Not resistant to direct contact with other plastic materials such as polystyrene.
  • CE Labelled.





BLUE ELBE PVC SHEET H 1,65 m x 25 m 41,25 m2 roll  THICKNESS 1,5 mm


BLUE ELBE PVC SHEET H 2,00 m x 25 m 50,00 m2 roll THICKNESS 1,5 mm